Bringing Back Community Togetherness

I remember a time in Gesgapegiag when everyone was so community involved. We celebrated traditions such as our Aboriginal Day Feasts and Labor Day weekend activities such as races on the river. This community loves gatherings..wouldn’t it be nice to bring that back?

I had a nice talk with a friend today and I just thought I would share this with you. I would love to be part of something so great as to bring this community back together.


Candidates for the 2013 Gesgapegiag Elections

The Election for the Chief and Council of Gespapegiag will be on Saturday August 17th, the votes will be counted on August 18th.

Candidates include for Chief 
Larocque, Roderick Jr. (Baby Rod)
Martin, Joanna A.

Candidates for councillor
Bernard, Clement (Clem)
Caplin, Charlie 
Caplin, Ronald
Carli-Jerome, Percy
Condo, Angelique
Condo, Cindy
Condo, Toby
Gedeon, Dorothy
Gedeon, John Jr.
Gedeon, Indian John 
Gideon, Sue 
Jerome Bernard, Christianne
Jerome, Jason 
Jerome, Jeremy 
Jerome, Louis Boy 
Jerome, Lynn 
Jerome, Patsy 
Jerome, Robert 
Jerome, Tony 
Jerome, William 
Mallette, Fernand (Pwee) 
Martin, Allister Sr. 
Martin, Amy 
Martin, Armand 
Martin, Douglas 
Martin, Jimmy 
Martin, Luc 
Pare, Michel Laurion 
Patnode, Daryl “Doctor” 
Paul, Delphine

My Vision

I believe that a Chief and Council should be held accountable and be transparent to the people.

Equal opportunities for higher education. I believe that we need to educate our youth so that they may come back to manage and lead their own community. By Gesgapegiag For Gesgapegiag. Everyone should have equal rights to an education. I believe that we would benefit from re-establishing a Board of Education to give parents a voice when it comes to their children’s education. We need to come together as a community, to ensure that the next generation can pursue their dreams. Education is our future!

Equal employment opportunities; I believe that all members have a right to be considered for employment regardless of their political or personal views. Every family deserves a right to earn a living for their family.

Aboriginal and Treaty Rights; I am a strong believer, in protecting our Aboriginal and Treaty Rights. As First Nations, we need to stand together, and support each other when it comes to fighting for our rights. If we do not take a stand now and assert our treaty rights, what will be left for our children and grandchildren.

Working Together

The success of our community will come from the people. The Chief and Council work for you. I would be honored if you would consider me as one of your new council members to help rebuild Gesgapegiag to its fullest potential. If you have any questions, concerns or would like to share your ideas you can contact me through email