I know, that I am not your typical candidate for Gesgapegiag Council but I believe bringing women into the council will create more of a balance within the leadership. I am a mother of three beautiful daughters who are my biggest achievement and my greatest inspiration. I am proud to call Gesgapegiag my home, this is where my heart is and my family. I believe with good leadership we will thrive as a community together.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. gregory says:

    what is your vision

    • My vision for our community is for us to move forward together. For every member to have a voice and be given equal opportunities in every aspect such as education, employment, housing, etc. To promote education so we can give our youth long lasting careers. For the Chief and Council to be accountable and transparent to the community in all its affairs.

  2. mary sebastian says:

    I can not agree with more, your vision is education so is mine, without education we as members of our tribe Will be kept in the dark. Opportunities will arise if our people are given the chance to excel in areas that have not been explored in the outside world. I for one was given a chance to work on the outside world and I sure do feel like I have accomplished a secure future for myself. I am able to compete just as well on the outside employment market. Amy you are sincere and be the person that will help the up coming generation to be successful in the future.

    • Thank you Mary, I have also been fortunate enough to work outside of the community, knowing that we can make it on our own gives us a great sense of security and education gives us that. Education gives us so much freedom and so many choices. We need to start taking a more active approach when it comes to our own government to take advantage of all that is available to us and to keep ourselves informed of all those opportunities for our community. Also, to look at the bigger picture and our long term goals to ensure the success of Gesgapegiag. You are one of the great success stories of our community, a strong, independent migmaq woman who became very successful a real role model for our young women. I’m very pleased that we share this vision.

      • Diane Martin-Higgins says:

        you got my vote Amy, hope more candidates will be there for the reserve not themselves as I’ve seen before.

      • Thank you Diane, I truly appreciate your support! I am very optimistic about this coming election, we have some strong candidates in the running.

  3. Corrine Bernard Caplin says:

    In terms of accountability and transparency, how would you go about in accomplishing these two roles that are equally important and a must for this community? Ps. state some examples? Thank you, Welalin and Merci.

    • Thank your for your question Corrine. I believe that accountability and transparency could be achieved through regular minutes of band meetings. I think that the community is very interested and feel the right to know about decisions that are being made at the band level. Also having the annual financial statements available to the people, we all want to know where and how our dollars are being spent. Having public meetings to discuss important issues to get the community’s input or simply having questions and concerns answered.

  4. patrick says:

    That a very good question on accountability, and having monthly meetings.Sis

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