Candidates for the 2013 Gesgapegiag Elections

The Election for the Chief and Council of Gespapegiag will be on Saturday August 17th, the votes will be counted on August 18th.

Candidates include for Chief 
Larocque, Roderick Jr. (Baby Rod)
Martin, Joanna A.

Candidates for councillor
Bernard, Clement (Clem)
Caplin, Charlie 
Caplin, Ronald
Carli-Jerome, Percy
Condo, Angelique
Condo, Cindy
Condo, Toby
Gedeon, Dorothy
Gedeon, John Jr.
Gedeon, Indian John 
Gideon, Sue 
Jerome Bernard, Christianne
Jerome, Jason 
Jerome, Jeremy 
Jerome, Louis Boy 
Jerome, Lynn 
Jerome, Patsy 
Jerome, Robert 
Jerome, Tony 
Jerome, William 
Mallette, Fernand (Pwee) 
Martin, Allister Sr. 
Martin, Amy 
Martin, Armand 
Martin, Douglas 
Martin, Jimmy 
Martin, Luc 
Pare, Michel Laurion 
Patnode, Daryl “Doctor” 
Paul, Delphine


2 thoughts on “Candidates for the 2013 Gesgapegiag Elections

  1. Diane Martin-Higgins says:

    i’m Diane Martin Higgins in SC, and I would like some information about the chiefs, can you help

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