Bringing Back Community Togetherness

I remember a time in Gesgapegiag when everyone was so community involved. We celebrated traditions such as our Aboriginal Day Feasts and Labor Day weekend activities such as races on the river. This community loves gatherings..wouldn’t it be nice to bring that back?

I had a nice talk with a friend today and I just thought I would share this with you. I would love to be part of something so great as to bring this community back together.


2 thoughts on “Bringing Back Community Togetherness

  1. Corrine Bernard Caplin says:

    Yes, I remember them well, your father use to make me plan everything. It was hard cuz planning something so huge is a lot of work but I so enjoyed it, we use to have so many ppl show up for these events and so many got involved with activities, lots of laughs and good times.

    • Yes! Lots of laughs and good times. We were so lucky to have people that cared enough to put the energy into organizing community events. I don’t think it’s a waste of money! Those things are important to us, we have it in us to want to gather together for special occasions and celebrations.

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