“We need to think about our circumstances as Indigenous People”

Canadian Flag Hung Upside Down In a Powwow Grand Entry

A flag carrier is given the Canadian flag to carry into Grand Entry, he reluctantly accepts it and hangs it upside down to take a stand against Canada’s oppression against First Nations.


Results For The 2013 Gesgapegiag Elections

Candidates for chief

Rod Larocque Jr. (362)

Joanna Martin (125)


Candidates for council

Clement Bernard (232)

Christianne Jerome Bernard (230)

Luc Martin (230)

Armand Martin (216)

Douglas Martin (215)

Angelic Condo (201)

Jeremy Jerome (185)

Patsy Jerome (184)


Dorothy Gedeon (172)

Jason Jerome (172)

Anthony Jerome (156)

Amy Martin (135)

William Jerome (129)

Robert Jerome (113)

Charlie Caplin (104)

Lynn Jerome (84)

Jimmy Martin (79)

Sue Gideon (78)

Cindy Condo (67)

Peewee Mallette (64)

Allister Martin Sr. (63)

Delphine Paul (56)

Daryl Patnode (43)

Ronald Caplin (42)

Louis Jerome (39)

John Gideon Sr. (36)

John Gideon Jr. (36)

Michel Pare (28)

Percy Jerome (21)

Toby Condo (9)

Make Your Vote Count

Election day is finally here. I would like to thank everyone who has supported and encouraged me throughout this process. I have enjoyed all the gatherings we have had to be able to listen to concerns and share ideas.

I’m glad everyone stepped up this year and made a real effort to voice their opinions, views and ideas. With the promise of real change, will come lots of work and tough decisions. Each candidate has shown what he/she is capable of doing for our community. Now it’s up to you to decide which one of those candidates you want to represent you.

I hope that you will consider me for one of your new council members. I will stand strong for Fairness, Equality and Transparency. You can expect my all to help rebuild OUR community.

If elected, I will use this site to get information out to our band members living within and outside of the community in regards to band minutes, public meetings, events, etc. I also encourage you to read my previous blogs about my views and ideas about our election.

Make your vote count!


Amy Martin

Best of luck to all the candidates!

Getting The Work Done

As candidates for council we all have different strengths to bring to the table. We vote for people who we believe possess certain qualities to make a strong council. As we approach election day we ask ourselves what each candidate can do for us.

For those of you who know me well, you know how independent I am and have been from a very young age. I believe that hard work pays off and there is always room for improvement. I have always provided for my children and worked hard to give them a stable home. I have never thought myself too good for any job, no matter what it is I always do my best. I have had many different types of jobs, from a janitor, cook, fisherwoman, receptionist, teacher’s aid, secretary, forestry technical liaison, etc. but with every one of those jobs I have always been consistent with giving my all. I do well in any given situation. I look for creative solutions to different problems or challenges.

My last employment was a Forestry Technical Liaison for the Consultation and Accommodation Unit at the MMS. My job was to attend meetings with the government (MDDEP and CREGIM) that were solely conducted in french regarding wildlife and natural resources in Migmaq Territory. The purpose of my position was to bring back relevant information to the three communities, Gesgapegiag, Listuguj and Gespeg. I wrote reports for each of the meetings I attended  and made presentations.

I was a link between the consultation tables that I sat at and the three communities. It was very rewarding knowing that with my job I was able to help my people fight for their rights in regards to the land and be informed of environmental issues and laws being passed on our territory.

I learned that being able to speak, read and write french is a valuable tool to have especially in a province where it is the official language and am very fortunate to be able to do so. It is important for us to be informed about what decisions are being made at the government level that directly affect us.

The skills that I have learned through my work experiences are valuable skills that I can use to keep the community informed of important issues that affect us. Given the opportunity I will work hard to help find solutions to the challenges that our community is facing. I am willing and able to do the work that it’s going to take to get our community back on track.

Growing Together As a Community

I believe that a community’s success should be measured by the well being of its people as a whole. We should all share in its success. No one should be left behind. We all have something to contribute and we should have the opportunity to do so.

I believe that hard work should pay off, responsibility should be rewarded and that everyone should get a fair shot. I also believe that everyone should do their fair share and should play by the same rules.

If we followed our seven sacred teachings (Love, Honesty, Respect, Truth, Courage, Humility and Wisdom) as our ancestors did I believe that it would bring much pride to our community.

Investing in Our Youth

With the right to govern comes the responsibility to govern well. The education of the next generation of leaders and managers is an investment that needs to be made to see that our community possesses the knowledge, skills and abilities to govern effectively. Investing in our youth is investing in our future success.